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What Can I Expect from Sobriety?

Sobriety is the end result you are looking for when you enter addiction treatment. You want to learn how to live without your substance, how to deal with stress and disappointment in life without getting wasted or high. You want to learn how to manage triggers and how to avoid relapse, and these are all good practices to implement for a healthy, happy life. But sobriety often has a negative connotation. People think sobriety is tedious and boring. They think that once someone commits to a sober lifestyle, all their fun days will be gone. This is far from the truth, however, as anyone who has achieved sobriety after addiction will tell you. Yes, sobriety is a challenge, and you have to learn how to have a different kind of fun, have an open mind, and be reminded of what your life of addiction was really like, but it will open up so many more fulfilling and rewarding opportunities.

Your Addiction Can’t Control You

Sobriety first of all means that you aren’t controlled by your substance any more. Instead of worrying how you will get more pills, alcohol, or drugs, you can focus on what is important. Instead of being afraid of what people will think of you and how you might embarrass yourself and your loved ones, you can enjoy relationships again and appreciate the love and support of those who want to see you succeed. You will always have your past to deal with, but once you accept who you were and who you have become, you will be thankful you aren’t controlled by a drug anymore.

Better Physical Health

You can also expect better physical health in your sobriety. Doing drugs and abusing alcohol takes an unfortunate toll on your body. You had to deal with the side effects of your addiction, whether it was a sick liver, high blood pressure, memory trouble, or abscesses and skin infections from injecting drugs, because your addiction had a negative affect on your body. Now that you are committed to sobriety, you can work to get your health back. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol alone will boost your health, just by getting the toxins out. Some of the physical side effects of addiction are irreversible, but when you are sober you will experience better health overall, guaranteed. This means less doctor visits, less anxiety about your health, and longer life expectancy. When you are sober you should incorporate healthy practices into your life. Exercise, take walks, get involved with a sport, get better sleep, and eat healthy foods, and you will see that sobriety means better health.

Better Emotional Health

Your physical health is not the only aspect of your life that will benefit from sobriety. Your emotional and psychological health will also improve. Much of this will be due to the therapy and counseling you went through to get sober. During rehab you should have learned how to correct faulty thought processes, how to find happiness and satisfaction outside of drug abuse, and how to interact with others in a positive way. Your psyche will be calmer, you will be happier, and you will feel more at peace. This will carry over to relationships with family and friends. You will learn how to invest in positive relationships, how to repair broken ones, and how to treat people in general. You will also be able to judge what kind of people are no good for you, and will be able to weed those negative relationships out of your sober life.

Sobriety Can be Fun

Finally, sobriety can be fun – it’s all about what you make of it. There are plenty of sober social groups you can get involved with, and you can join a support group to connect with other sober individuals. You can still go out and have a good time; you just need to do it without the help of drugs or alcohol. You can still meet new people, you can go to events and parties, travel, and try new things, but now all these things will be so much more enjoyable because you won’t have to worry about the negative consequences of your addiction and you won’t have the guilt of knowing you are involved with something you can’t control and is hurting you and others.

Sobriety is really worth all the time and trouble it takes to achieve. Your quality of life will be better, you will be in a much better position to make good decisions, and you can achieve real goals for your life.

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