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How Can I Pay for Addiction Treatment?

If you are like most people looking at drug and alcohol rehab, the cost of the program plays into your decision of what treatment center to choose. You might have looked at the cost and felt overwhelmed, wondering just how you can hope to pay for rehab.

The price of rehab does not necessarily reflect on the quality of the program. Some rehabs charge outrageous amounts of money for frills and unneeded extras. Other programs offer solid, effective therapy for true recovery, and do so at a fair and affordable price. The first thing to consider is the program itself and how well it can meet your needs. Then, look into how you can pay for treatment.

Insurance Can Cover Rehab Services

There are several resources you can make use of when trying to fund addiction rehab. First and foremost, check with your insurance company to find out what they do and do not cover. Most insurance companies today do pay out for addiction rehab services, as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Getting coverage for addiction treatment was more of a struggle a few years ago, when insurance companies could put tight restrictions on coverage for mental and behavioral health treatment.

Today, insurance holders can expect to see coverage for much of their detox and inpatient or residential rehab when recommended by their doctor, as well as most outpatient services. Your own benefits plan will determine what percentage is covered and what kind of out-of-pocket expenses or co-pays there will be. Insurance can definitely be tricky to understand, and it helps to have a trusted resource to help you navigate through all the jargon and restrictions.

Self Pay Options for Addiction Rehab

For those who don’t have insurance or don’t have adequate coverage, there are self-pay options available at most treatment facilities. Many programs offer reduced fees based on your ability to pay, or will help you through payment plans. Or, you could look into deferred payment with a credit card or bank loan if you are confident you can get back on your feet and make money again after rehab.

You can always ask for help from family and loved ones, or your church or community group. Those closest to you want to see you succeed, and some people will be happy to help you out in your goal of sobriety. In order for this to work, however, you will need to be absolutely dedicated to your recovery, and do all you can to succeed. No only do you not want to let yourself down and go through the heartache and hassle of relapse, but you don’t want to let others down who have so much invested in your recovery.

Free Programs

There are also free addiction rehab programs that are offered through local community organizations, churches, and the government, and these are an option for those who have no other options. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has a locator tool on their website that allows you to search for free or reduced treatment programs. Keep in mind that there is often a waiting list for these programs, and some won’t offer the same high level of care as a facility that charges for services.

Addiction is Costly

Finally, weigh the cost of rehab against the cost of addiction, and you will find that it will save you in the end to get help. When you take into account all the money you spend on drugs, alcohol, drug paraphernalia, citations, and health care related to your addiction, you will find that your addiction is costing you more than you think. Add to that the lost wages from time off of work, missed productivity and opportunities for pay increases, and the toll addiction takes on your emotions and your relationships, and it becomes clear that addiction just isn’t worth it. Do all you can, even if it causes a great deal of financial strain, to recover and live a sober life.

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