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Current Drug Trends

Over the past several decades, parents have been warned to be aware of current teen drug trends, and this is still very important, but drug trends do not just impact teens anymore. In today’s world, everyone is at risk for drug abuse, as drugs are easily accessible and permeate all areas of society. We’ve listed the top current drug trends below, so that you can be aware of the risks, watch out for warning signs, and get help quickly.

Prescription Drug Abuse Still on the Rise

Prescription painkillers and sedatives are the two most common type of prescriptions abused today. People start out by taking these medications for a real condition that has been diagnosed by their doctor. After prolonged use, or if the person begins taking more than prescribed, regular use of these medications can turn into dependence and then addiction.

These types of medications are so commonly prescribed today that anyone seeking drugs can easily get their hands on prescription painkillers or sedatives, through friends, family, or on the street. Prescription drug addiction is common among teens and young adults who trade pills at school or sell them to earn a few bucks, but this type of addiction also impacts adults. Businessmen, housewives, doctors, teachers, and all types of people are becoming addicted to prescription medications. In addition, the elderly are at high risk for developing a prescription drug addiction. If we don’t know the trends, we won’t be looking for warning signs, and many people will go without getting help.

Heroin Addiction is Increasing

An offshoot of prescription painkiller abuse, heroin addiction is also increasing. Both heroin and prescription painkillers are from the opiate family of drugs, and are similar in structure and effects. Therefore many people – adults and teens alike – are switching to heroin, which is often cheaper and easier to get. The increase in heroin addiction in America has spiked in recent years, catching individuals and families off guard. Because it is an unexpected type of addiction for those with no past drug use history, many people don’t even know to look for this in their loved ones and therefore do not notice it as quickly as they should.

Synthetic Drugs are being Manufactured in Large Quantities

Another type of drug that has changed the face of addiction is synthetic drugs. These include things like Bath Salts, Spice, and K2, which are sold in stores and labeled as something else or “not for human consumption.” Those who abuse these substances know what to look for and smoke, inhale, or inject the substances to get high. As authorities get word of certain synthetic drugs and ban them, manufacturers are already working to modify the substances in order to avoid legal repercussions. In this way, manufacturers of synthetic drugs are able to stay ahead of the government and continue to produce dangerous substances.

Household Substances are Abused

There are some dangerous drug trends that still mostly affect teens, and one of those is inhalant abuse. Teens today, looking for something interesting to do that is a little edgy, will take common household substances (spray paint, cleaning supplies, glues, etc.) and sniff the fumes they produce. Other teens will drink hand sanitizer for the alcohol content, smoke baking spices, or ingest large amounts of cough syrup to get high. These activities lead to a feeling of euphoria just like other drug abuse does, and teens are getting hooked on them.

Alcohol is Still a Problem

Alcohol remains one of the most widely used substances in America, and it continues to wreak havoc on individuals and families. Alcohol abuse, among underage individuals as well as adults, is glorified in our culture today, with social media, movies, and workplaces all making light of this dangerous trend. Even adults today feel pressured to drink in order to unwind, to reward themselves, to fit in, and to self-medicate. However, alcohol abuse quickly turns into alcohol dependence and addiction, and lives are being lost and changed forever because of alcoholism.

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