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Treatment Myths

Getting help for a drug or alcohol addiction requires you to have some level of trust in those that are offering to help. However, it is always important for you to stay informed so that you do not get caught off guard by one of the many myths out there about treatment. Myths come from people trying to tell you what you should do, without having the facts straight themselves. Be aware of these myths so that you can have the best treatment experience possible.

Myth 1: The more a rehab costs, the more effective it will be. Did you know that rehab centers located near a beach or in a big city often charge more for their services simply because of their location, while offering the exact same program as a cheaper rehab in a different area? More money does not mean better results. Don’t be pressured to pay more for fluffy extras like a good view, a spa-like setting, or the newest exercise equipment. What you really need is a program built on solid, proven techniques that is carried out by caring, licensed, dedicated staff.

Myth 2: A shorter stay is as effective as a longer rehab. Studies show that those who leave rehab too soon are more likely to relapse. Staying in a program 30, 60, or 90 days (or longer) will help you more completely develop the skills you need to stay sober. The longer you dedicate to recovery, the more prepared you will be when you head back home. Don’t skimp on the rehab time.

Myth 3: You just have to want it badly enough. It is true that recovery takes dedication and the desire to succeed, but there is so much more to addiction recovery than a positive attitude. Addiction controls bodies and minds, so even when a person is sure they want to be sober, they still face cravings and triggers to use. The only way to stop the addition is through behavioral modifications, therapy, and the development of positive stress management techniques.

Myth 4: Treatment doesn’t work. There will always be those people out there how can’t see anything but the negative. True, people do relapse, but rehab treatment, especially at a qualified facility, is the person’s best chance at sobriety. And there are ways to combat relapse, by staying in a program as long as possible and sticking to an aftercare plan.

Myth 5. You need to hit rock bottom first. Families are often encouraged to let their loved one hit rock bottom before they get them help. It works that way for some people, but for many more people, early treatment helps them recovery without all the damage to their mind, body, and life, and they can bounce back more quickly. Rock bottom is not a fun place to be. If it happens, certainly make the most of it, but if you can avoid it, you are better off.

Myth 6: All treatment programs are the same. Just as each addict is different and has different issues and needs, so the treatment for these individuals must be different. A good rehab program will use a variety of methods to help each and every person get the most out of their rehab experience. Some people need to spend more time in rehab, others respond better to a certain type of therapy. What works for one will absolutely not work for all.

Myth 7: Look for the magic bullet. Drug and alcohol rehab is hard work, and if you go into it expecting anything less, you will be disappointed. There have been several advances in the addiction treatment field that can help individuals have a better, or sometimes faster recovery, but it all still involves hard work and dedication. No medication and no procedure will take your addiction away.

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